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1. Lifetime Offers

Any customer is entitled to this offer which may be redeemed at any time!

Bulk order offer: We provide special offers for bulk orders to our customers. Also bulk orders are undertaken even for rush and super rush services. Our happy customers stand testimony to it.

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2.Academic Offers

Students from all over the globe can take advantage of this promo. As our future generation, we want to see you succeed.

10% Offer For Students : Your hard work and perseverance are never forgotten. Students can instantly avail of a 10% discount for their translation orders. And when you invite your fellow students to use our premium translation, we’ll elevate your status to Platinum Customer. For educational institutions, partner with us and we’ll welcome you with huge savings. Pay for a cheaper rate than our standard pricing.

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3. Platinum Customer Benefits

Get VVIP access when you are promoted to Platinum Customer. You are entitled to top-level translators who will finish your projects flawlessly. Receive big money-saving discounts ranging from 10% to 20% for every purchase you made.

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4. Offer for Government Agencies

Government agencies admire our excellence and topnotch translation services. We give them exclusive price discounts of 10% off from the original price. And if they order more, they are guaranteed to get 20% price reduction for their orders.

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5. Offer for referring a friend

Thank you for your continued patronage.Receive a 10% rebate on your next order.

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6. Offer on second order

Earn huge discounts for every successful referral. Invite two friends and will give you a 10% markdown on your orders. And with five or more referrals, we’ll promote you to Platinum Customer.

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7. Seasonal Offers

Throughout the year there are special occasions that are revered, we celebrate these by providing seasonal discounts to our patrons.

a. Christmas: The joy of gift giving is here. We want to be your Santa so we’re offering you a 20% discount from your orders.
b. Thanksgiving Day: We deserve your appreciation because we’re giving away a 10% discount today.
c. Independence Day: Never pay for expensive translation again because we’re here to give you a 10% price markdown for your orders.

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